photo by Jason Elsea

Have you ever felt a sense of presence in a work of art? A haunting portrait or a landscape that seems to transport you to another time and place? These paintings are designed to pull you in and make you want to stay awhile ... hopefully even make you long to return soon. Some take a few hours of work, some take a few years. I paint them because it feels the most adequate response to our beautiful and ever changing world.

I studied painting, drawing, and art history at MSU in Springfield, MO and NYSS in NY, NY. Recent awards include 'Excellence in Oil Painting' at the 2017 Hoosier Salon, merit awards at the 2018 and 2020 Indiana Heritage Arts exhibit, 3td place at the 2020 Hoosier Salon,'Best in Show' at Lexington's 2020 Paint the Town exhibit, 'Best Landscape' at the 2021 Hoosier Salon, and 'Best in Show' at Lexington's 2022 Paint the Town exhibit.

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